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I’m Lee Johnson

'Experienced Web Marketing Specialist'
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About Me

I am Lee, a Website Marketing Specialist, and I have a proud reputation for my marketing expertise, for all clients I work with. I use my 16 years of online experience to provide clients with a search engine dynamic websites, that will drive enquiries and lead generation to your business.

Lee Johnson - website marketing specialist

My Specialities

Website Optimisation

On-page and off-page techniques that deliver !

Content That Converts

Keeping your website up to date with fresh content.

Social Media Campaigns

Indicates to Google your business is active.


Mission Statement

I am self-taught; experienced and enthusiastic SEO professional with national management experience within a UK blue chip company; I thrive in a busy environment; I am resourceful, self-motivated; able to manage and get results. I love to get the ball rolling, execute on good ideas and develop strong concepts that lead to significant results. I specialise in digital marketing solutions, particularly, SEO and front-end development through lead generation and increasing ROI for clients.

Curriculum Vitae

May 14 - Mar 16SEO Manager - WUKmedia

I define and deliver strategic approaches in both organic and paid search. I use the demonstrable experience of fulfilling SEO performance through proven ability to work autonomously day to day while able to influence the team's decisions from key search insight. I empower the staff to be passionate about digital marketing so that they deliver success for all the client base on a long term basis. I get great pleasure from paving the way for inbound marketing solutions that deliver. I find it a pure joy to empower the clients with informative knowledge in plain English (I prefer being forthright and up-front), that assists with an improved understanding of what the search engines require for from a client's website to perform in the SERP's.

Mar 13 - Feb 14Online Marketing Manager - Priority Search Ltd

As the online marketing manager, my primary role was to drive traffic to the customers sites via various tried and tested means. Ensure that all internet properties under the brands portfolio have been technically optimised to attract and engage those visitors that closely match the agreed profile of the target audience for lead generation for the clients.

May 11 – Feb 13Owner / Technical Director - Hit Your Market Ltd

Key Achievements:

  • Gained over 200 clients from inception with a 96% retention rate at renewal
  • Designed and oversaw in-house themed based CMS product
  • Increased staff from 2-11 in just over 12 months with one apprenticeship

Key Responsibilities:

  • Increase staff knowledge to a high technical level for increased client retention
  • Day to day running of the technical department
  • Maintain a high level understanding of Search engine algorithms
  • Motivate the staff and keep a tight ship all working for the best for the business
Sept 07 – Oct 10UK SEO / SEM Manager - BT Customerstreet / Directories

Key Achievements:

  • Increased traffic from 1.2 million visitors per month to over 10 million in 16 months
  • Implementation of a new SEO team for the business, recruitment, train and manage
  • Trained each company department about SEO (support, web design team, web admin, sales and upper management)
  • Integration of SEO page analyser for in-house client website content management system
  • Oversee the build and design of a iPhone application (top 13 app (UK) in the Lifestyle category)
  • Oversee the development team to design an automated Twitter posting tool, to my spec (Posts over 250000 tweets a month)
  • Increased traffic to the target site by 22% within the first month
  • 62.8% of all client websites (30000) have a minimum of 3 keyword phrases in the top 10 of Google

Key Responsibilities:

  • Look after the SEO / Design side of all UK directories (BTExchanges, BTPhonebook, UFindUs, MoreUK and SmileLocal)
  • Oversee all 134 vertical trade specific business directories (SEO, design and up-keep)
  • Manage the SEO team, train and educate regarding search engine algorithms
  • Manage the development team for required changes and recommendations for SEO throughout the business network
  • Report results and track visitors and searchers and report results to Upper management
  • Consult new SEO techniques to all staff via in-house training
  • Optimise existing client sites (static and dynamic and e-commerce) (30000 clients) and advise clients what they can do to make the most of their online business website
  • Keep up to date on search engine guidelines and algorithms on an ongoing daily basis with testing
  • Works with product management in taking responsibility for shaping and implementing the search strategy for BT Directories
  • Drive online results by employing search optimisation techniques on the network; provide active monitoring of results
  • Utilise and make engagement in the social media marketplace
  • To own, communicate, and enforce processes that lead to continuous improvements in quality
  • Conduct effective performance evaluations and mentor team members through formal in informal channels
  • Encourage team members to take responsibility for their own development within the company
  • Daily use of Omniture, Google analytics, Hitwise and in-house statistics tools
Feb 06 – Feb 07Technical Director - SEO Studio Ltd

Setup a Limited company that operated as a full ISP (Internet Service Provider) Started business from scratch and turned it into a very profitable business.

Key Achievements:

  • Regular monthly income that allowed expansion of business to include staff and new office
  • Became a partner of a top UK Inbound link campaign marketing company
  • Gained a good relationship with clients who then recommended more business to us
  • Business Website was awarded as a top 10 website of 2007

Key Responsibilities:

  • Day to day running of business
  • All Marketing (off and on-line) for the business
  • Accounts
  • Convert sales calls
  • Clients presentations
  • Keep up to date on all search engine algorithms
  • Increase turnover
Feb 06 – Feb 07Online Marketing Manager - Chess Financial Strategies Ltd

Chess wanted to implement a marketing presence online Chess had ever had a business website previously.

Key Achievements:

  • Implemented and designed several websites that became very profitable for the business
  • Achieved over 30 leads a month for Adverse Credit Mortgages (this market is very cut throat marketplace online)
  • The websites became the most profitable part of the business

Key Responsibilities:

  • IT manager - 20 PC network
  • All Marketing (off and on-line) for the business
  • Update and design new websites
  • Increase the profit of the business
Sept 05 – Jan 06Field Sales / Outbound Appointment Setting - Business First
  • Outbound call lead generation to recruit new clients
  • Followed up leads going on appointments giving presentations on the services offered by the business
  • Commission based and monthly targets had to be reached
  • Gained a wealth of knowledge in the SEO field, from on-page to off-page techniques
Feb 03 – Sept 05Channel / Partner Sales / Account Management - Legend Communications

Key Achievements:

  • Involved in the implementation of a new outbound unit
  • Consistently brought in most deals each month
  • Chosen as a team leader in the outbound department
  • Creating marketing campaign for dealer recruitment
  • Chosen to help design the Q and A's for the legend group website
  • Helped implement a new strategy to bring in channel sales partners
  • Chosen to help implement a new channel sales (partner/reseller) outbound department
  • Chosen to be the company's SEO specialist

Key Responsibilities:

  • Outbound lead generation, to recruit telecoms and ADSL dealers
  • Managing dealer carriage and termination accounts
  • Chosen to work as an account manager, in charge of over 600 accounts
  • Chosen to work as an account manager for the existing reseller customers
  • Chosen to help the optimisation department due to success of my own sites
  • Worked in the Broadband provisioning department helping the day to day tasks involved in corporate broadband sales
  • Implementing and developing the sales provisioning processes
  • Cross sell and explain new products and services
  • All earnings commission based
Aug 01 - Feb 03Inbound / Outbound / Field Sales - Premierline Ltd
  • Started in the inbound sales Department selling commercial policies for Manufacturing, shop’s/retail, contractors and Pubs/Restaurants
  • I was asked if I could help start a new outbound unit in which we would call potential customers to generate business
  • After 2 months I was the top seller in the unit
  • Maintained a high level of call to conversion
  • Asked to do implement training sessions on the computer system and the policies we sell
  • Was asked to go out on the road and cold call local businesses in the Kendal area, which was a very successful campaign
Feb 00 – Aug 01Computer Sales Consultant - Time Computers
  • In charge of your own clients (up to 1 Million pounds worth of business per year) From sales and service to shipment of products
  • Arranged Finance for customers and had to up sell to make commission
  • Maintained a high level of sales throughout my time within the company
  • 100% Sales orientated company
Apr 98 – Feb 00Inbound / Outbound / Help Desk - Commercial Union

Key Achievements:

  • Involved in the implementation of a new market strategy for commercial vehicles
  • Chosen to run and maintain the commercial dept with one other person
  • Assisted in setting up the account for commercial properties
  • Successful day-to-day running of the above accounts
  • Building up a relationship of trust with clients through effective customer handling
  • Development of staff through various training programs
  • Excelled in all targets for personal performance cascaded from unit objectives

Key Responsibilities:

  • Day to day running of commercial accounts
  • Weekly report writing of commercial accounts Convert appointments into to keep the campaign successful
  • Ensure above average in call standards assessments
  • Meet my skill and behavioural objectives
  • Underwrite policies to the maximum allowed in the unit
  • Chosen to help smooth running of the help desk
June 96 – March 98Inbound / Outbound / Training and Customer Service Sales Adviser - AXA Direct

Key Achievements:

  • Chosen to implement a new commercial unit from over 150 staff
  • Helped implement a new product (commercial Ins) into the company, which has become a highly profitable part of AXA Direct
  • Called upon to design a motivational workshop for the inbound unit
  • Helped the training department develop staff to the benefit of the company and myself

Key Responsibilities:

  • Meet skill and behavioural objectives
  • Meet all assigned targets and keep smooth running of all departments worked in
  • Maintain the highest standards in all communication with potential and existing customers
  • Continued sales growth monthly (Achieved to sell over £20,000 inbound motor sales each month I work there)
May 95 – May 96Dye Sublimation Printing Business - Owner

I found a niche market for ceramic printing, importing a new technology from the USA to start a printing company.

  • Implemented from scratch through market research a business, working entirely on my own
  • Developed a marketing strategy, which was essential for the growth of the business
  • Generated custom by canvassing potential customers around the UK
  • Gained a wealth of knowledge how businesses operate and how to communicate with them
  • Came third in a Princes Youth Business trust competition for a new and innovative business for the northwest area
  • Gained an NVQ level III in business implementation and accounts
April 93 – April 95Full Time Missionary

Served a full time mission for my church in the London area, self financed

  • Learned how to serve others and develop good communication skills
  • Learned how to use the commitment pattern
  • Was Chosen to do motivational seminars for up to 250 People aged between 21-29
  • Chosen to look after a district of people and also became a trainer of others
Aug 89 – March 93Electronic Engineer - Millennium Technologies

Worked for a computer and electronic design consultancy, which designed, built, repaired and installed specialist sensory equipment for the less-abled

  • I was in charge of the design of the printed circuit boards and the stock control of the company
  • Helped build, install and the repair of the equipment
  • Dealt with customers on the phone on a regular basis


Sept 83 – May 88High School
  • English Lang 'B'
  • English Lit 'C'
  • Maths 'C'
  • Physics 'C'
  • Control Tech 'C'
  • Tech Drawing 'C'
  • Geography 'C'
Sept 88 – May 89ITECH College

Other Qualifications (taken at College after leaving school)

  • Basic Electronics - (City and Guilds)
  • Digital Electronics - (City and Guilds)
  • Background to Business - (City and Guilds)
  • Word Processing - (City and Guilds)
  • Business Implementation and Accounts - (NVQ level III)

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